Wildfire Update: Lion Fire now at 13,980 acres!


Photo from InciWeb

As of October 11th, the Lion Fire is estimated to be 13,980 acres, after growing 200 acres overnight. The fire continues to back down the southeast face of White Mountain and southwest face of Angora Mountain towards the Lion Meadow trail (32E02) that is being used to slow down the progression of the fire till it reaches the southern control line.

We continue to work with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to ensure that we are managing smoke impacts and only using defensive aerial ignition when it is necessary to moderate fire behavior and keep our firefighters safe.

Two hotshot crews are finishing the prep of Lion Meadow trail near Burnt Corral; this location will be used to conduct a defensive firing operation once the fire advances closer to the trail. In addition, prep continues on the southern control lines – summit trail and the north road.

We will continue to keep a presence in Lion Meadow to monitor and ensure that the private property and values are secure.

Smoke Impacts:

Smoke from Northern California will impact the San Joaquin Valley and western communities today. Westerly winds this morning will move smoke into the Eastern Sierras. Diurnal winds will continue to bring smoke into Kernville and the surrounding communities in Lake Isabella in the evening and morning. Dispersion conditions will be fair today. You can learn more about air quality, and daily smoke forecasts are available visiting eitherwww.airnow.gov or www.valleyair.org. Lion Fire visit https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5626/

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