Lion Fire Settles into the Kern River Canyon


Active fire burning into the Kern River. Photo taken above Hockett Peak looking north. Photo from Inciweb

The Lion Fire still remains at 75% containment prior to the potential storm entering the area today. Depending on if and how much rain falls across the area, it may be at a higher containment. Here is the latest news release and summary of conditions as of late yesterday.

The Lion Fire has burned 19,210 acres and is 75 percent contained with moderate fire behavior yesterday. Crews were inserted into the fire location and assessed the ability to go direct on the fire with handlines.

Today the fire is moderate with crews implementing direct attack methods by constructing direct fireline using natural barriers when possible. The fire remains on the west side of the Kern River. Smoke was minimal today with good dispersion. Air and ground resources were able to gain access early due to low smoke impacts and are making good progress.

All significant activity is on the easternmost area of the Lion Fire, east of Angora Mountain to the Kern River. Teams have been spiked to check movement to the north and south. A switch to northwest winds has occurred bringing smoke from the Napa Fires up the San Joaquin Valley as well as the canyons of the foothills. Fire managers are expecting west to northwest winds today and passage of a cold front tonight, which could bring some light rain.

A temporary area and trails closure for the Lion Fire area, within the Golden Trout Wilderness, on the Western Divide Ranger District is in effect. The Forest Order is for the protection of National Forest visitors by prohibiting entry into the area while wildland fire suppression operations are taking place, helping to ensure both public and firefighter safety. Visit or call 559-784-1500 for more.

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