Trip Report: Lion Meadow from Jerkey Meadow

A visitor to the wilderness, Dan Hall, during the week of Thanksgiving started at Jerkey Meadow and went out to Lion Meadow. Here is what he reports:

Thanksgiving week I did a backpack trip from Jerky Trailhead to Grey Meadow, then hiked up toward Lion Meadow and looped back through Burnt Corral Meadow, in the Golden Trout Wilderness. Regarding trail conditions, there was only one place with a problem. There is a blowdown across trail 32E12, about a quarter mile after the Jordon Trail Junction, on the way north down to Fish Creek and Grey Meadow. It is 16 inches in diameter, stretching 20 plus feet uphill and downhill. Getting past it is already a little hard for hikers and it will be very hard for stock to get around it. More importantly, if stock goes around it, they will cause erosion onto or below the trail because the hillside is steep there.

Regarding the Lion Fire burn area that I hiked through, and other details, they are best described in the captioned photos and videos at

Thanks Dan for the info and a link to your photos and videos. I am sure other users of the site and wilderness will enjoy them.


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3 Responses to Trip Report: Lion Meadow from Jerkey Meadow

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you! I am glad to see the fire did not totally devastate the landscape in the area you hiked.

  2. Randy Ariey says:

    I was up at Jerkey Meadow about 4 weeks ago. I believed I used the trail but did not see a trailhead sign for Jerkey Meadow. There was a sign on the street but not by the trailhead. Can someone explain this please?

    • Joshua says:

      I do not recall a kiosk or anything like it at the trailhead the last time I visited there. The only sign there is a large brown one as seen in the photos from the linked posted above.

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