Not Looking So Good


February 1 Snow Results for Kern River Watershed

The snow survey results are in for the state of California. As far as the Golden Trout Wilderness is concerned, the Kern River is the main watershed. How much snow is up there? Well if you have already been tuned into the news, we do not have much.

The average snow pack for the month of February is 14% of normal. If there is no more snow for the rest of the year, then the April 1 average is 9%. Remember that the April 1 date is important for the State regarding water allocations and planning for the summer months. Quite the contrast from last year! However, we do have two more months to get some snow on the ground. Let’s hope for a wet snow as that means more water!

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3 Responses to Not Looking So Good

  1. How does this compare to 2016 data?

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