Mountain Home Opens on 5/10


Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest announced they will be opening up on May 10, 2018. Great news for all those wanting to get to the Long Meadow TH on the western most portion of the Golden Trout Wilderness. The Long Meadow TH is a popular access point out of Shake Camp that leads up to Summit Lake and eventually Maggie Lakes. These lakes are both above 9,000 feet.

Trail conditions are not known at this point and exactly how much snow is up at the top of this trail is anyone’s guess. However, if you plan to head out there as soon as you can please consider sharing what you find. It can me a simple email, note on our Facebook page, or a full story. Any information is appreciated. Either way, plan accordingly and enjoy!

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4 Responses to Mountain Home Opens on 5/10

  1. andy cai says:

    This is great news! Is there a number that I can call to confirm the opening today? I’d like to visit Maggie Lakes on Saturday.

    • Joshua says:

      Contact info is below:
      California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
      Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest
      P.O. Box 517
      Springville, CA 93265
      (559) 539-2321 summer
      (559) 539-2855 winter

      Maggie Lakes will be an 11 mile hike from the Long Meadow TH. There is another way to get there in less miles, but the hike is very arduous and requires advanced navigation skills. Many people avoid this old way and some who tried were not successful.

  2. andy cai says:

    Hi I am back from the trip.

    Here is the route I took and conditions:

    Hidden Falls Campground -> River Trail -> Summit Lake, this section is easy to follow/hike and mostly snow-free, summit lake is ice-free.

    Summit Lake -> unknown pass east of Sheep Mountain, this section is covered by firm snow.

    -> Twin Lakes -> Frog Lakes -> Maggie Lakes. Snow-free but there are falling branches/trees everywhere. With a GPS navigation it should not be a problem to reach Maggie Lakes. All lakes including upper Maggie Lakes are ice-free. Frogs are so loud at Twin Lakes that you can hear them a mile away.

    Maggie Lakes -> Summit Trail -> Griswold Trail. Falling trees everywhere but with GPS it’s easy to navigate.

    Griswold Trail basically does not exist any more. A lot of bushwhacking and descending on steep slops with off-trail navigation. I had to cut a very steep slope from Griswold Trail down to Silver Creek eventually, as following the trail was not possible. That 1000 ft off-trail distance with 600ft elevation loss took me a couple of hours.

    Passing Silver Creek I reached an abandoned fire road and walked all the way to my car at Hidden Falls Campground.

    What a trip.

    Thank you for all the updates regarding the road access!



    • Dave says:

      Hi Andy,
      I probably could have done that during my younger years but now I’ll stick to the trail. I could make it over the unnamed pass but going down Griswald trail looks very steep! What a trip is right! Did you do that in two days? Also, from Hidden Falls Campground is there a River Trail? I was planning on leaving from the trail head near Shake Camp. A trail from Hidden Fails would be nice.
      I can’t wait to here the frogs but only temporarily. I’ll make it a point not to overnight there. They would keep me awake at night!
      Many thanks for the trip report,

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