Trail Report: Summit and Maggie Lakes


This past weekend hiker Andy Cai went out from Hidden Falls Campground and did a big loop to see places like Summit and Maggie Lakes. He even tried out the old Griswold trail that was reopened in 2015. Here is what he has to report:

Hidden Falls Campground -> River Trail -> Summit Lake, this section is easy to follow/hike and mostly snow-free, summit lake is ice-free.

Summit Lake -> unknown pass east of Sheep Mountain, this section is covered by firm snow.

-> Twin Lakes -> Frog Lakes -> Maggie Lakes. Snow-free but there are falling branches/trees everywhere. With a GPS navigation it should not be a problem to reach Maggie Lakes. All lakes including upper Maggie Lakes are ice-free. Frogs are so loud at Twin Lakes that you can hear them a mile away.

Maggie Lakes -> Summit Trail -> Griswold Trail. Falling trees everywhere but with GPS it’s easy to navigate.

Griswold Trail basically does not exist any more. A lot of bushwhacking and descending on steep slops with off-trail navigation. I had to cut a very steep slope from Griswold Trail down to Silver Creek eventually, as following the trail was not possible. That 1000 ft off-trail distance with 600ft elevation loss took me a couple of hours.

Passing Silver Creek I reached an abandoned fire road and walked all the way to my car at Hidden Falls Campground.

What a trip.

Thanks for the report Andy! This will be a big help for those wanting to head out this weekend or future dates this summer season. Anyone else venture out to the wilderness and want share you trip? Please do so as we all would like to know how things went!

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1 Response to Trail Report: Summit and Maggie Lakes

  1. Ty Newton says:

    We did the Griswold trail last year. Same loop but different start. Very brutal downhill decent on Griswold, prepare to lose the trail.

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