Trail Report: Day Hike to Long Canyon Stringer

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Hiker Michael Brush headed out for a day hike to Long Canyon Stringer via the Blackrock Trailhead. The trailhead is located  on the Sequoia National Forest, but quickly crosses into the Inyo National Forest side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Here is what he has to report.

Dayhike from Blackrock Trailhead to the top of Long Canyon Stringer, not far from Redrock Meadow (specifically to Casa Vieja Meadow, and head directly towards Redrock Meadow from there).  Weather was perfect for hiking

There were plenty of fallen trees to be found, I stopped counting at about seven or eight total.  One between the trailhead and the wilderness boundary sign, one group of two trees before Lost Trout Creek (in fact right before the unnamed creek south of it), and a whole bunch of downed trees in the vicinity of Beer Keg Meadow.

At that unnamed creek just prior to Lost Trout Creek, it was deep enough to get my socks a little wet with the Gortex hiking boots if I followed the trail as intended.  On the return trip, bypassed this by going downstream 50-100 feet and crossing a narrower spot.  The intended log footbridge with a planed top looks broken and sunken.  There was a flimsier one there (not planed), that flexed some under my weight.  As someone kinda big and a little clumsy, I passed on that option as the water appears to be at least 2 feet deep underneath.

Overall the good hike I expect during the early season.  For the early season water might be deeper, might be more downed trees, but the weather was perfect.  I attached pictures of the downed trees, the sunken bridge, Casa Vieja Meadows, roughly where I ended the hike (looking down the Long Stringer), and one of my favorite “landmarks” along the way:  “Stack of Pancakes Rocks” between Casa Vieja Meadows and Lost Trout Creek.

Thanks Michael for the trip report and photos to go with it. Glad you had a safe and fun time. Keep them coming if you head out more this season.

Have you been out to the Golden Trout Wilderness yet this season? Please consider sharing how it went here on the GTW website. The info shared will help others during their planning efforts this season.

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