Trail Report: Summit Lake

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User Scott Williams headed up to Summit Lake and beyond for two nights. Summit Lake is located on the Sequoia National Forest side of the wilderness. It is about a 7 mile adventure to get there. The photos above are from his trip. Here is what he had to report:

Backpacked up to Long Meadow out of Shake Camp and spent two nights. Beautiful weather and surprisingly no bugs. Stream is only about six inches deep and can be easily crossed without getting wet. Took a day hike up to Summit Lake. One very large tree down before the last creek crossing. Not passable by stock. Doesn’t look like anyone has camped at Summit Lake in awhile. If you make it all the way to Summit Lake, hike up the extra 100 feet over the pass towards Cyclone Meadow. Well worth the extra effort and probably more scenic than the lake.

Thank you so much Scott for sharing a piece of your adventure. Now readers have an idea of what to expect when heading out to Summit Lake. Thanks again!

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