Trip Report: Fishing in Alpine Creek

A couple users headed out for an overnight trip. They started at the Clicks Creek TH and went over to Alpine Creek. Here is the report.

Just got back from a two night camping trip into the GTW. FIRST NOTE: The Kernville Ranger station has relocated but they have not left any indication on the old building to help find the new location.

From a local newspaper: “The new Kern River Ranger Station is located at 11380 Kernville Road, Kernville, and is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.”

Our trip was for my buddy to fly fish for Golden Trout on his new Tenkara rod, and for me to photograph the area. We started at the Clicks Creek Trail head, (*be warned, it is easy to park at the ‘wrong’ trail head and this means you will walk an additional 1.5 miles on the Clicks Creek trail, don’t tell my hiking partner though! 😉

Our destination was the Sage Brush Gulch area. Hiking in, we met a fly fisherman on his way out, a very kind chap who gave my buddy some flies and good tips. Down at the Little Kern we met four young guys camping and fishing at a great spot by the confluence of Apline Creek and The Little Kern, we hiked further on up Alpine Creek and set up camp.

On our first evening, we saw a healthy looking adult Sierra Gray Fox, he sauntered by on a trail across Alpine creek about 50 feet away, he seemed unbothered by us and our sleeping Dogo Argentino/Boxer. The fly fishing only produced a 6 incher who jumped off the barbless hook, but my buddy was happy to get a fish on. We saw a beautiful 10 -12 inch Golden Trout in Alpine creek in a deep pool, so they are in there.

The hike back out is not to be underestimated but actually wasn’t too bad, worst part was the Mosquitoes swarming by the water sources, bug spray and continued movement solved this for us. Driving back down to Johnsondale bridge we encountered a herd of about 100 cows being walked along Western Divide HWY to a new pasture, the cowgirl gave us a wave as we drove slowly by.

Nighttime low temps were a cool but manageable 45f-ish, days were 79/80f. It was a great trip, although my dog injured his foot on a rocky section near the river. (Lesson here : make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed safely short before heading into back country, and even then, do you really want to take your precious domestic pet / family member into the wilderness? Even though he loves it, I am not sure I will take him again, other than on day hikes. Was glad I packed first aid for him and a spare boot for any paw issues.)

Thanks for the report!

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