Trip Report: 5 Days in the GTW

Backpacker Mark and his daughter headed out for a 4 night and 5 day trip from the Jerkey Meadow TH. Curious as to what they found along the way? Here is his report.

On Thursday June 14 my daughter & I headed out from Jerky Trailhead for a 5-day backpack trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness.

  • Day 1 we hiked 5.6 miles to Little Kern Bridge.
  • Day 2 we hiked 8 miles to Kern River along the Trout-Willow Meadow cutoff trail (there were not opportunities to refill water bottles along this section of trail). Just after the junction with the Round Meadow trail we entered into the burn scar from the Oct 2017 Lion Fire. Downed trees were across the trail all the way to Willow Meadow. Then from Willow Meadow heading north on the descent to Kern River we again ran into downed trees across the trail (good water at spring just north of Willow Meadow).
  • Day 3 we hiked back from Kern River to Trout Meadow Station where there is a spring with a piped gate valve spigot.
  • Day 4 short hike back to Little Kern bridge
  • Day 5 back out to Jerky Trailhead.

Thanks for sharing Mark. Good to know about the trail conditions as well as where you guys found water. I am sure others reading will benefit from this report.

Have you been out to the Golden Trout Wilderness this season? Care to share what you found along the way? No matter how short or how long, it would be great to have as it benefits all the visitors to this site. Head over to the “Contact Us” section and submit one today!

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