Trail Report: Summit Trail

User Shane and company went on a recent pack trip to Maggie Lakes. He was surprised at what he found. Here is what he had to report about the condition of the trail.

Trees falling across the trail in such high numbers that it is difficult to impossible to find the trail again. Dead trees ready to fall very close to the trail and in one area where the trail crosses a cliff if the trees fall and block the trail people with stock animals will not be able to turn around putting their lives at risk.

After Griswold Meadow the trail conditions become so bad that it becomes easier to blaze our own trail but someone who is inexperienced would try that and get lost. Many side trails and branches are unmarked showing no indication of which way to go. The few locations where there are markers or signs they are either in such poor condition that they cannot be read or they are simply signs laying on the ground. And the worst part of all is the rocks. In some places the rocks are so bad that there is no Trail. The only indication are the stacks of rocks that hikers leave behind indicating which way to go.

Once we got to lower Maggie we stopped because our horses had been through hell.

Yikes! Sounds like the trail needs a lot of work. If there are any volunteer trips ahead to help clear this popular trail, it will be shared. Thanks for the update!


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1 Response to Trail Report: Summit Trail

  1. Dan Hall says:

    Sounds like a sad and worsening situation. I went there in September 2016 and some sections of the trail were badly blocked by large blowdowns. A few captioned photos of those and related info are posted here: At least then the tread was in good shape, but it sounds as though that has now changed for the worse, probably from the heavy snow and runoff of the 2016 – 2017 winter. Unfortunately, erosion leads to even more erosion.

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