Turns 7

Celebrating 7 years of existence on the internet! To date there have been over 300,000 views, many trips completed, maps downloaded, and resources used. Thanks to readers like you for keeping the site going.

Seeing how many people have visited the website over these past 7 years is an inspiration to me. The site began with goals to get others outside, to see a vast wilderness where there are no fees, and to reconnect with public lands. Ultimately, it was a way for people to access FREE information when so many sites charged you for it at the time. I believe it has been very successful in achieving these goals.

Going forward, the information will continue to be free. Some of you have asked how to help or donate. There are two ways to help. The first submitting trip reports and trail information. Super big help there. The second way is with regards to links. Some of the links in “maps” or “gear” will take you off the site and to stores (e.g. Amazon, Sierra Trading Post). If you want to click those links to buy maps or anything else, a small amount comes back to pay for the URL. If not, that is okay too :). I am just happy to know you are using the site and that is enough for me.

Happy anniversary Golden Trout!


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1 Response to Turns 7

  1. Alan Stevens says:

    I know I speak for a lot of others when I say ‘Thanks! Keep up the good work!’. There are a lot of places I visit that I wish had resources as good as this (even national parks).

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