Wildfire Update: All Three Fires Grow


Source on InciWeb

The Alder wildfire, now 4,503 acres, continues to slowly advance northwest, towards an area burned in the 2016 Hidden wildfire. The Alder wildfire is being held on a strategic containment line in Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest. Fire continues to creep northeast into Jacobson Meadow, and has backed downhill to the west where it is holding along the Tule River.

Recent aerial and hand firing operations were successful in the area of Mountain Home. Containment lines will be secured and monitored for slop-overs. Additional aerial firing operations will be used as needed to secure the northwest edge of the wildfire, depending on smoke conditions. CAL FIRE is a supporting agency assisting with fire containment efforts.

The Alder Wildfire is holding in the southwest part of the fire. Fire resources will maintain a presence in both communities of Doyle Springs and Sequoia Crest to monitor this area. Aerial reconnaissance flights continue to monitor the fire each day.

The Mountaineer Wildfire remains at 1,246 acres. It continues to burn north of Summit Trailhead, northeast along South Mountaineer Creek, and towards Jacobson Creek in the Golden Trout Wilderness. It is located a half-mile east of the Alder Wildfire.

Fire intensity is low as the wildfire burns through dead trees and ground litter. Firefighters will continue to patrol the perimeter lines along the Summit Trail and handlines to secure any potential slop-overs. Aerial firing may be used as needed. Suppression repair will continue on contingency handlines south of the Mountaineer Wildfire.

The Moses Wildfire has reached 19 acres in size. There is visible smoke. It is being monitored by aerial reconnaissance flights. It continues to smolder in a secluded stand of trees, surrounded by rock.

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