Roads Are Opening!

News just received earlier today from the Western Divide Ranger District office is the Lloyd Meadow Road (22S82) is open! Now users can access both the Jerkey Meadows TH and Forks of the Kern. Other roads are still closed and will likely remain closed into June due to a large snow pack.

As the snow melts and the warmer weather approaches the roads will be cleared. Once cleared of snow, officials need to clear debris for user safety. Don’t forget to keep that in mind during the whole road opening process. Stay tuned for more news here when other roads open!

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3 Responses to Roads Are Opening!

  1. Rich O'Farrell says:

    Is 20S78 up to the Bush Tree going to be open this year?

    • Joshua says:

      Sorry, I do not know. That would be a question for the Western Divide Ranger District office at 559-539-2607

  2. Daniel Albers says:

    Is road 21S50 to the Summitt trailhead opened as of 7/1/19? I took Rd 22S82 all the way to Jerkey trailhead a couple of weeks ago.

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