Additional Roads Open

Additional roads have opened providing access to the Golden Trout Wilderness. Openings are on the Inyo National Forest, Mountain Home State Forest, and Sequoia National Park. Are you ready to head out there this weekend in-leu of this news?

Roads open are as follows:

  1. Horseshoe Meadow Road (Inyo)
  2. Mountain Home routes to Long Meadow Trail (State Forest/Sequoia NF)
  3. Mineral King Road (SEKI)

One of the main access points, the North Road, on the Sequoia National Forest still remains closed. As soon as official word is given about the road being open, you can count on reading it here on GTW’s site.

Remember that a road can remain closed for one or several reasons. This includes, but not limited to, road damage, hazards from trees or past storms, and excessive ice/snow. Once deemed safe for public use the road is opened. Please be patient as these agencies work to get the roads cleared for your protection.

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4 Responses to Additional Roads Open

  1. Nick says:

    The ranger station in Kernville told me today(6/10) that the North road was open up to Lewis Camp. Was trying to get a permit for Summit trailhead.

    • Joshua says:

      Hi Nick. That is strange because I called the Springville office and was told it was still closed. Maybe it opened up later after I called. Glad to hear it.

      • Nick says:

        Went and checked it out for myself today. Made it to Clicks Creek trailhead. Still a little bit of snow on the ground but I did not need 4WD. There was a blank wooden sign in the road past Clicks Creek so I’m not sure if its closed past there or not, but I didn’t go any further.

      • Joshua says:

        Thanks for the update!

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