Wildfire: Jordan Fire Grows

Photo from InciWeb

The Jordan Fire grows to over 580 acres. This has resulted into trail closures that are near the area. See the image below for closures and descriptions. Following the trail closures, the official announcement and current status report is available.

Jordan Fire Update

June 12, 2019

Media Contact: Kirstie Butler


Jordan Fire Info Line: (760) 920-7149

Incident Start Date: 6/09/2019

Cause: Unknown

Size: 581 acres

Containment: 5%

Incident Type: Full Suppression

Vegetation Type: Brush and timber

Agency: Inyo National Forest, U.S Forest Service

Resources Assigned: Engines: 1 Helicopters: 4 Crews: 6 Total Personnel: 180

Current Situation: The Inyo National Forest Type 3 Incident Management Team is managing the Jordan Fire led by Incident Commander Todd McDivitt. The fire grew by approximately 250 acres to the east and south but remains south of Nine Mile Creek and north of Manzanita Knob. Manzanita Knob is a prominent peak on a ridge that forms the boundary between the Inyo and Sequoia National Forests. Close coordination between the Forests is taking place in mutual support of the Jordan Fire objectives. The fire is approximately 26 miles southwest of Lone Pine, California in the Golden Trout Wilderness. Firefighters work to minimize the impacts of line construction and camping to maintain the wilderness character of the land.

Additional crews and other resources are arriving to suppress the Jordan Fire. After a briefing at the Incident Command Post in Lone Pine, crews and all their equipment are flown to within walking distance of the fire lines. These crews will stay at the fire for multiple days at one of two spike camps as helicopters provide food and supplies. These additional crews increase the rate at which fire line can be safely built. As more crews arrive at the fire, the logistical needs to supply and feed the crews increases. Pack mules are on order to relieve some of the logistical missions for the helicopters so they can increase the availability of water drops on the fire. Direct and indirect line scouting and construction are the principle tactical objectives again today. Crews achieved 5 percent containment of the fire perimeter yesterday.

Fire fighters are exposed to risks due to the steep ground and high concentrations of standing dead trees killed during the McNally Fire. In addition to these risks commonly associated with fighting the fire, crews are also exposed to the risk of a chance encounter with a bear or rattlesnake. District Ranger David Andersen reported both animals have been observed in the vicinity of the fire.

A team of Fire Investigators visited the Jordan Fire yesterday to determine the point of the fire’s origin and if possible, determine the cause. The investigators identified the probable point of origin but due to the hazard of falling snags (standing dead trees) they could not safely get close enough to confirm the fire’s cause.

For the latest information try these sources:

Inciweb: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6384/


Twitter: @Inyo_NF

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