Remaining Roads are Still Closed

The 4th of July weekend is the second “busiest” weekend for outdoor activities, especially related to camping/hiking in National Forests. Many of you are probably itching to get out to the Summit Trailhead or even Clicks Creek Trailhead. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait some more. As of 815 AM this morning, the North Road to those areas remains closed. There may be some good news for folks though wanting into the GTW.

If you didn’t know yet, hikers can access the Lewis Creek TH out by the Golden Trout Wilderness Pack Station. Drive the North Road (21S50) about 4.5 miles till the pavement ends. Keep going straight at the “Y” onto a dirt road. Follow it and the signs to the Pack Stations. Keep going past it and you’ll arrive at the Lewis Creek TH. This is a popular way to access Grey Meadow and the Little Kern River Bridge. Except stream crossings to be flowing really swift and cold too.

If you really want to get to Maggie Lakes this weekend, expect snow. The lakes may even be frozen too. Only access is an 11 mile route starting at Shake Camp. If you do go this route, expect winter-like conditions above 8,500 feet. The trail may “disappear” under the snow, stream crossings flowing faster and higher than normal, and down trees are not cleared. This route is not recommended for those who are no well experienced with route finding and cross country navigation.

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