Trail Reports: Opposite Sides of the GTW

Two different trail reports came in today. One was from Brook regarding heading to Summit Lake while the other was on the opposite side of the wilderness. The opposite side being Horseshoe Meadow and Mulkey Meadow area. Let’s start off in the west.

Brook reported heading out to Shake Camp to hike the Long Meadow Trail on July 1. It was a short hike, but she did send in a photo of Redwood Crossing below. She warned the river was raging and the only way to safely cross was on the down redwood tree itself. No further information about how the next couple of crossings are like, but if the lower one is raging along you can bet the next two crossings further up were just as dangerous.


Redwood Crossing

Now as for the eastern side of the GTW, Dan took a few days hike starting in Horseshoe Meadow. He headed south into Mulkey Meadow. Here is what he had to report from his adventures.

June 27 – 29, I backpacked from Horseshoe Meadow to Trail Pass, on to Mulkey Meadow, and then hiked to Mulkey Cow Camp. These three sections of trail had no blowdowns across them, nor any significant brush or tread problems. The trail was easy to find and follow, for both stock and hikers. Actually, it looked real good considering the large amount of runoff after this winter, even in the upper switchbacks and the lower area of regular rutting in the section between Trail Pass and Mulkey Meadow.

Good water was easily available from all three sections of trail. However, all that water out there this year has also produced a lot of mosquitoes. There was no snow anywhere on the trail, nor even much to be seen. More details about the trails, general area and my trip are provided in the captioned photos at

Thank you Brook and Dan for your trails reports this season. I am sure others will benefit greatly. To all, please feel free to send in your trail reports no matter how short or long they may be. People benefit from them greatly!


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  1. Sagan says:

    We hiked from Shake Camp to Cow Camp on the Long Meadow Trail this weekend. We set out from Shake Camp at about 3PM Saturday (parking lot was pretty full). The trail was in good shape and the river crossings were brisk but manageable with bare feet and hiking poles. We got to Cow Camp around 7PM and we were the only ones spending the night there. We passed two separate groups of hikers that had come down from Summit Lake. Both groups reported some decently deep snow in places but they were able to get through without winter gear. We also heard that it wasn’t great for horses yet up there. It was very buggy, especially at Cow Camp. We came down today (15 July) and the parking lot was mostly empty.

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