Trip Report from 6-21 to 6-30


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Backpacker Phil Sallaway headed out to the Sequoia side of the Golden Trout Wilderness for several days in June. Here is what he has to report about water levels in some rivers and the trails he hiked.

Started 6/21 at Jerky Meadows, the trail to Trout Meadows is in great shape only minor debris and a few dead falls. The Little Kern is running Fast, Cold and Deep. The Spring at Trout Meadows is running. The meadows are lush & wet in places see Pic.

6/22 Hiked to Kern Lakes, the first part of the trail is ok, as you approach Hocket Peak it gets much harder to follow. Lots of debris, dead falls, and the trail is washed out, with lots of cobbles in the trail potato to grapefruit sized in places. Since the Canyon in narrow it is hard to get lost but it is slow going. Once you drop into the Big Kern River Valley the Trail is better. Little Kern Lake Pic, and pick of cascade Just down river of Lakes.

6/25 Hiked down to Trout Meadows spent the night, then headed over to the Big Kern. The trail was good with some debris and a few dead falls. The trail up river to the bridge was good. After the Bridge it was slow going, the trails  is almost non-existent washed out, faded, lots of dead-falls, and debris. Have hiked this trail for 25 years and it was more like bushwhacking than trail walking.  Went as far as Manzanita Creek which was passable. If you haven’t been up this trail before I do Not Recommend it until someone does some serious trail work.

Thanks Phil for the update!

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2 Responses to Trip Report from 6-21 to 6-30

  1. Bud Mayfield says:

    Hmm? I’m the guy who clears the trails. I am looking for help. Need lots of sturdy people to operate the other half of the crosscut saw I carry on my mule. Chain saws are illegal in the wilderness. I have all the equipment to remove those obstructions and restore the trails. Just need volunteers.

    • Melanie says:

      I’ve been wanting to do this hike, but have been hesitant due to the reports I read. I went that direction once on a dayhike last year and turned around after I lost the trail somewhere past Trout Meadows. I’d be happy to join a volunteer crew if one gets organized and if it fits with my schedule. I check the Facebook Golden Trout Wilderness site regularly for updates.

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