Remaining Roads are Open

North Road (21S50) Opens

Gates are open! – FS Road 21S50

Sorry for the “radio silence” on roads opening for the past couple of weeks. I have been outdoors myself enjoying the Sierra Nevada. Many of you may already know this, but to make it official on GTW the North Road to the Summit and Clicks Creek trailheads are open for the season. The Summit Trail provides access the western most ridge line of the Golden Trout Wilderness and to the popular Maggie Lakes. Clicks Creek trailhead is a little longer route down to Grey Meadow and the Little Kern River, but being on a northern slope it provides a lot more shade than the Lewis Creek TH. Get outside and enjoy!

If you do head in one of these routes, please consider sharing your trail report or adventure with GTW. The write up does not need to be long or even include photos. That is all up to how much you want to share. Whatever amount you share is so valuable to so many people wanting to head out the direction you ventured on.

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