Trip Report: Maggie Lakes

Backpacker Christopher headed out to Maggie Lakes recently. He submitted the photo above too. Here is what he had to report.

Hiked from the Summit Trailhead at the end of Forest Service road 21S50. Road was a little rough but doable in most cars if careful. Trail started out nice with a coulpe of small trees across the trail at the begging but nothing major. Jacobsen and Mowery meadow were very green and had water flowing so good and easy places to get water if needed. After Griswold meadow trail goes thorugh a large area of downed trees and the trail get a little hard to find, luckily there are rock stacks to help you along the way. Trail gets a little better as you head down towards Pecks Canyon and there is a creek right before the junction with Pecks Canyon trail(i think thats what thats called but heads to Pecks Cabin.) Trail once again gets difficult to find here. There are some rock stacks but I think due to the fallen trees some seems misleading. But once you start headin up towards the lake it clears again. Great looking campsites right off the lake. Only visited Lower Maggie but seemed like water was flowing out of lower pretty good so they are probably full. All in all a beautiful hike.

Thanks for the report and photo!


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