Caution: Poodle-Dog Brush

Post from the Sequoia National Forest to all visitors.

Poodle-dog bush can cause severe irritation to the skin if touched, akin to poison oak or poison ivy. It can raise blisters lasting as long as two weeks or more. The plant is covered in sticky hairs, which can dislodge easily and can be passed on to hikers who touch it or brush up against it. The swelling, rash and itching appear twelve hours to two days after contact. Use caution and avoid this plant.

It is found in nearly all habitat types that have recently burned including conifer forests, chaparral, oak woodland and riparian areas. Poodle-dog bush is frequently found along trails.

Wear long sleeves and pants if you plan to visit the Sequoia National Forest within previously fire burned areas.  This plant was recently found in the Converse Basin area on the Hume Lake Ranger District.  Historically, it has been discovered in areas burned by wildfire which is happening more across the Forest and in Giant Sequoia National Monument. Notes are as follows:

          This native California shrub grows at elevations from 300 to 7,500 feet. It can grow almost 10 feet tall, and has purple bell-shaped flowers.

          It is a perennial, woody shrub with long shiny leaves. It emits an unpleasant, slightly pungent odor.

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