Trail Conditions for SQF in Late August


Camping at the Little Kern River

During the end of August, I had the opportunity to return to the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Sequoia National Forest side. The trip would start and end at the Clicks Creek Trailhead on the North Road (21S50). Several trails were walked and here is what I have to report to everyone who may be heading out there this fall.

Trail 32E11 (Clicks Creek TH to Little Kern River)

  • Trail is easy to follow down to the third crossing of Clicks Creek. Once you take a left at the junction towards the Little Kern River (right takes you to Grey Meadow), the trail is still visible, but showing signs of little use. Most of the trees have been removed thanks to volunteer work. The trail comes to a four way junction where you would normal proceed straight to continue on towards the Little Kern River. The Mountaineer Trail (32E12) crosses and is fading away due to lake of use.

Trail 32E16 (Junction with Clicks Creek Trail to Grey Meadow)

  • Trail is easy to follow. No down trees at the time. Some cattle trails cross the main trail, which could cause confusion to some newer visitors.

Trail 32E12 (Grey Meadow to Fish Creek)

  • Trail is easy to follow and wide due to livestock use. No problems along this portion of the trail.

Trail 32E11 (Little Kern River to Lion Meadows Trail)

  • Fading but not hard to find. A couple down trees to walk over. At the end where it meets up with the Lion Meadows Trail the sign is gone. Junction is hard to see so it could easily be missed coming the other direction.

Trail 32E02 (Lion Meadows Trail)

  • From the trail junction with 32E11 and going north to the Tamarack Creek crossing the trail is present. Some of the stretches going uphill are filling in with brush and causing users to create a new trail adjacent to the old one. Still very sandy in a lot of spots. Some trees are down and reroutes have been made. The junction with Lion Meadows Cutoff Trail (goes from Lion Meadows to Soda Spring Creek) is no longer visible. No signs exist either so users just have to know where to go. The descent into Tamarack Creek is pretty much gone. So many down trees and no maintenance has promoted users to create their own trails along the hillside to avoid the down trees. A lot of work is needed in this section to re-establish the old route. New route likely to cause a lot of erosion issues.

Trail 32E08 (Lion Meadows to Soda Springs Creek)

  • Several stretches the trail is gone. Users have to know the general direction and look for “clues” along the landscape as to where the trail was located. Lack of use and maintenance is the issues. Guessing the trail will be completely gone in 5 to 10 years.

This concludes the trail report for August down in the Little Kern River basin.


Milky Way, Jupiter, and Stars at the Little Kern River

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2 Responses to Trail Conditions for SQF in Late August

  1. budmayfield says:

    Thanks. These trees you have to climb over, how large are they? I have access to crosscut saws to get them out. But if they’re to large I need someone to operate the other side of the bigger saws.

    • Joshua says:

      From my memory most were no more than about 20 inches. A few big ones on the way to Lion Meadows. The descent into tamarack creek has a variety of sizes and a lot of them due to past fires.

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