Latest Road Information

The roads page has been update to the latest information as of this posting. Many are wanting to get into the wilderness this Memorial Day weekend and roads are a big part of that. Here is some additional information to consider before heading out.

  • Most of the roads are still closed for accessing the Golden Trout Wilderness
  • On the SQF side – The North Road 21S50 – is “partially opened.” The catch is how far you can drive before hitting a snow drift? No reports of anyone making it to the Summit TH have been reported yet to or to the Springville office of the USFS. Thus if you are going to attempt it, be prepared for walking on the road if a snow drift blocks you way.
    • Please DO NOT drive off the road to get around snow. This can cause further resource damage.
    • Walking could consist of 11 miles depending on how close a snow drift is to the gate that normally closes the road.
  • No word yet on how far over Sherman Pass one can drive just yet. There are also snow drifts that are common and “hang around” while other parts of the road are dry.
  • Mountain Home State Forest roads are open, but campgrounds are closed much like the Forest Service and Park Service.

If you have made contact with the State or Federal land managers offices on roads and have an update, please feel free to share in the comments below. It will be a great help to others.

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3 Responses to Latest Road Information

  1. Keith Blodorn says:

    Thanks for this update! I’m planning to try North Road tomorrow – Summit if I can or else plan B if we can’t get close enough.

  2. Randy Ariey says:

    thanks Josh

  3. Keith Blodorn says:

    We drove up North Road to Summit TH on Saturday, with no trouble. (There was a Prius(!) parked up there when we arrived.) Not a single patch of snow on the way out Monday (5/25).

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