A Long Fire Season

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What a crazy wildfire season in California, let alone the local mountains in the southern Sierra Nevada. The western side of the Golden Trout Wilderness was already closed to public access due to the Castle Fire (aka SQF Complex) in 2020. The Windy Fire also kept users out of the general forest later on. Let’s not forget the KNP Fire that is still going and blocking northern access to the remaining part of the GTW (headwaters of the Little Kern River. This is definitely another crazy fire season.

What will next season bring? Hopefully access can be restored to the western side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. I know a lot of users are wanting to get out there and enjoy it, plus see what the fires have done to the area. My visit in 2019 showed a lot of the trails are fading away in time. It would not surprise me with 2020 and 2021 fires entering and burning through the western portion of GTW, that some trails will have post-fire impacts. Time will tell as users are able to venture back into the area. For now, I’ll be posting people’s adventures from the eastern side of the Golden Trout Wilderness as there are several out there from this season.

Assuming the wilderness will be open to the public again, what is an area you look forward to visiting? What month is your favorite to explore the Golden Trout Wilderness? Leave your answers in the comments below on the blog or social media.


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2 Responses to A Long Fire Season

  1. Sharon Moore says:

    I visited the eastern side of the Golden Trout Wilderness twice last summer, over Trail Pass first and then from the Blackrock Trailhead. My friends and I used this blog to help plan both trips. Such a beautiful area but many trails are fading and Inyo is struggling to oversee their portion of it. In June the Kern Plateau was already drying out. In July the water situation west of Kingfisher Ridge and the Toowa Range was still good. I want to go back to visit the Kern volcanic area near the headwaters of the Kern, and I would love to climb Kern Peak again. I hope fires don’t completely decimate these areas. 😥

  2. Joe says:

    Looking forward to getting back into the Wilderness next year. Looks like next year may be dry again as this winter is predicted to be dry and mild

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