Casa Vieja Meadows

Photo by jpapko

Less than two miles into the Golden Trout Wilderness sits Casa Vieja Meadows. The hike is all downhill, but don’t let that stop a great day hike into the meadow. The elevation change from the trailhead to the meadow is approximately 600 feet. Gathering corrals for livestock are on the southwestern side of the meadow. An old cabin is still standing on the meadows edge. Historical snow surveys for the State of California are completed here too.

Download the map! – Casa Vieja Meadows Trip

The trail begins at Blackrock Trailhead located at the end of Forest Service Road 21S03. After walking a few hundred yards a Golden Trout Wilderness sign is visible. Not only does the sign announce the wilderness boundary, but the sign also represents a change from the Sequoia National Forest to the Inyo National Forest. About 1.8 miles later the trail comes to Casa Vieja Meadows.

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  1. sergio algarme says:

    casa vieja dropped to 14 degrees according to weather wunder map IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER

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