Permits & Trail Quotas

Depending on the starting location of your trip will determine what agency and office you will need to visit to obtain your permit and/or check the status of any quotas on trails you may be hiking. Click on the following links if your trip starts on the:

Wilderness Permits

Inyo National Forest(Quota List in PDF)

Sequoia National Forest / Giant Sequoia National Monument

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Camp Fire Permit

There are two methods to obtaining a permit. Both methods are free. One method is visiting an agency’s office.¬†Regardless of what Forest or Park your trips starts, a campfire permit is required. These are free permits and can be obtained at any Forest Service, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Office, or Bureau of Land Management office. Read the permit carefully and understand what you are agreeing to when signing off on the permit. Certain restrict apply depending on the agencies jurisdiction, National Park vs. National Forest, so make sure to double check the rules before heading out.

The other method is online. Watch a video and take a quick online test. When you pass, you’ll get free access to printing up your own permit. Get your permit HERE.

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    links are broken… your tax dollars at work

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