Forks of the Kern

The Forks of the Kern treks downhill to where the Little Kern River confluences with the Kern River (approximately 2.3 miles) . This is also the location of the Rincon or Kern Canyon Fault. Once the across the Little Kern River, bright white calcium deposits are seen. There are some small hot springs to see too. If you enjoy fishing, this would be a great place to start as you trek up the Kern River Canyon or the Little Kern River. Make sure to call the District Rangers office as the time of year may make the Little Kern River too dangerous to cross.

Download the map! -> Forks of the Kern Day Trip

Take Forest Service road 22S82 (Lloyd Meadow Road) north and when you pass the turn off for Preseident George H. Bush tree, look for a road on the right towards Forks of the Kern (Forest Service road 20S67). Drive about 2 miles and the road ends in a parking area. Here the trailhead begins at 5,800 feet.

The trail downhill provides plenty of vista points. The trail zigzags downhill along old basalt flows. Look south down the Kern River canyon and see other basalt flows across the way. Almost a mile down and the trail enters the Golden Trout Wilderness. About another mile 1.3 miles and the trail intersects with the Little Kern River. Cross the Little Kern and the trail continues up the Kern River. However, this is the end of the Forks of the Kern day trip.

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