Grey Meadow

There are two main way of hiking to Grey Meadow. One is from Lewis Camp Trailhead and the other is from Clicks Creek Trailhead. It is recommended users take Clicks Creek Trailhead. The trip is shorter (3.4 miles) and follows along a northern slope (cooler).

Download the trip map -> HERE

Start off at Clicks Creek Trailhead by Junction Meadow. The hike is all downhill and mostly in the shade. Equestrian use is common, so make sure. Within the first 2 miles the trail will cross through meadows, provide some vista points, and remain at a fairly consistent grade. Once the trail meets up with Clicks Creek, the trail is flatter. Make sure to stay to the right after the first junction, which is close to the first cross at Clicks Creek. Go another 1.2 miles and the trail arrives at Grey Meadow. There is a private cabin next to the Forest Service admin cabin. The public use are will be to the left (north) of these two cabins.

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