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Wildfire Update: Roads and Trails Close

Alder and Mountaineer Fires are continuing to grow. As such the Sequoia National Forest has issued Forest Orders to close trails and roads associated with the fire. Forest Service road 21S50 (North Road) above Clicks Creek TH is closed and … Continue reading

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More Road Closures

Bear Creek and Balch Park roads provide access to Mountain Home State Forest and Balch Park. More importantly these roads are the main access points to the western most portion of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Typical trail accessed by these roads are … Continue reading

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Griswold Trail Re-Opened

The Griswold Trail (31E18) runs through the Sequoia National Monument, Mountain Home State Forest, and the western side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Most people would access the trail from Moses Gulch Campground by crossing the river and heading south towards … Continue reading

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Trail Report: Griswold Trail

The Griswold Trail (31E18) is a very old and hardly used trail. It junctions with the Eastside Trail within the Mountain Home State Experimental Forest on the Sequoia National Forest side of the wilderness. This trail provides a steep but … Continue reading

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