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Quick Update on Wildfires

Fire Size: The Castle Fire is now 3800 acres in size. Shotgun Fire remains at 200 acres right now. Closures in effect or planned: Jerkey Meadow Trailhead, Forks of the Kern Trailhead, Trails past Stockbridge to Trout Meadow, Trails from … Continue reading

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Trip Report from 6-21 to 6-30

  Backpacker Phil Sallaway headed out to the Sequoia side of the Golden Trout Wilderness for several days in June. Here is what he has to report about water levels in some rivers and the trails he hiked. Started 6/21 … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Lewis Camp to Willow Springs

Kevin and 6 of his friends went out into the GTW earlier this month. His goal was to get away and find some solitude. Here is what he has to report. On the weekend of Oct 5th-7th six friends and … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Little Kern Lake

Tony, a fan of the GTW facebook page, traveled with is son to Little Kern Lake. They spent 8 days in the wilderness together. Here is what Tony has to report: My eldest son and I hiked to Little Kern … Continue reading

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Water Source Report for SQF Side

The drought is taking its toll, which means some of the creeks are drying up in the Golden Trout Wilderness. Here is a list of the known streams still to have flows on the Sequoia National Forest side of the … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Fishing the Kern River/Lakes – Sequoia NF

Long time local fisherman Chuck Stokke, who owns Sequoia Fishing Company in Springville, recently sent in a trip report. Chuck reported on water conditions in Trout and Willow Meadow on top of his fishing trip to the Kern River and Kern Lakes area. … Continue reading

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History: Two New Sources

Updated the history section of the site. There are two new history accounts regarding the Golden Trout Wilderness. The first is an old document scanned by Google regarding Golden Trout fisheries surveys in the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains. This document … Continue reading

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Trip Added: Eclectic Tour

The Eclectic Tour is approximately 60 miles round trip. The trip will take users into what could be considered the center or heart of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Users will see Wild and Scenic rivers, canyons, volcanoes, lava flows, large … Continue reading

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Little Kern Lake Leeches

For all those traveling to the Little Kern Lake, be aware that there are leeches in the lake. This message was received recently from a fellow hiker who decided to “jump in” during a hot afternoon to cool down. When … Continue reading

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Trip Added: Little Kern Lake

A new trip has been added titled Little Kern Lake. Enjoy this long overnight or extended weekend hike to one of the most unique lakes in the wilderness! The lake sits adjacent to the Kern River. Could this be a … Continue reading

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