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Forest Closure Order Modified = Access to the GTW is back!

An updated Forest Order now allows for access to the western side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Users can now access trails like the Summit, Long Meadow, Clicks Creek, and Lewis Camp trailheads. Check out the Forest Order for more … Continue reading

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Video: Maggie Lakes

Take a 7 minute journey with user Beto Renteria on an overnight trip to Maggie Lakes. See lush green meadows, vista points, one of Maggie Lakes, and more. Here is what Beto noted about the video in case you were … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Maggie Lakes

Brook and company hiked into Maggie Lakes from the Summit Trailhead. Their trip started on 6/25. Thanks for the first report to Maggie Lakes this season Brook! Here is what she had to report. We hiked from the Summit Trailhead … Continue reading

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Wildfire: Jacobsen Fire Closes Trails

If you have been wondering what trails would be close as a result of the Jacobsen Fire, there is no need to wait any longer. A Forest Closure has been released for the following system trails within the Golden Trout … Continue reading

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Volunteer Opportunity

Wanting to head out to Maggie Lakes during the later part of July? How about doing some volunteer work along the way? If you are interested check out an overnight trip to Maggie Lakes on July 23 and 24 from … Continue reading

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Wildfire Update: Cabin Fire Grows

Source: Inciweb The Cabin Fire is burning in the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Western Divide Ranger District in Sequoia National Forest. It was accurately mapped by a reconnaissance flight this evening at 1900 acres. The map can be found … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Maggie Lakes on the Sequoia NF

On May 30, 2015, a members from the group Wilderness Corps headed out into the Golden Trout Wilderness to recon the trail and some of the trail junctions from Summit Trail head to Maggie Lakes. There report was sent into the … Continue reading

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SQF – Summit Trailhead Accessible

A quick update to state that two down trees were recently cleared off of the North Road (FS 21S50) on the Sequoia National Forest side. Now users can drive the remaining 1 to 1.5 miles of road to the Summit Trailhead … Continue reading

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A Great Way to Start May – Roads Open!

For those on the western side of the Golden Trout Wilderness, prepare for some additional road openings! North Road (21S50) to Clicks Creek Trailhead #1 is now open. A down tree blocks access to the Summit Trailhead and remains closed … Continue reading

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Stolen? It Seems So…

In talking with Forest Service personnel, it appears to be true. Someone has stolen the Golden Trout Wilderness sign at the Summit Trailhead on the Sequoia National Forest. Thought it may be “funny” or “cool to have” it costs $1,000’s … Continue reading

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