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Trail/Trip Report: The Silver Lake Loop

Two users decided to do the Silver Lake Loop trip and did the optional route back through Mineral King. Here is what the report had to say: The trip began on July 20 and ended on July 24. We stopped into … Continue reading

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Trail Report: Summit, Mountaineer, Fish Creek, and Clicks Creek Trails

Over the 4th of July an individual by the alias of HorsePoor4Ever decided to do a nice loop through the Sequoia National Forest’s side of the Golden Trout Wilderness on horseback. The user went along the Summit Trail (31E14), then down … Continue reading

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April 1 Snow Survey Results

Snow survey results are in for the April 1 survey. Usually the first question is was there snow. If there was snow, then how much is there and how does that compare to the average. The answer to the first … Continue reading

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Helping Each Other

Today is the final day for a lot of the snow surveys in California. On April 1, 2013, the states average snow pack was at 42% of normal. The results for May 1, 2013, are still coming in, but currently … Continue reading

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Trail Report: Kern Lake to GTW/Park boundary

A recent trail report mentions several trees down between the Golden Trout Wilderness and Park boundaries, near the Kern River Station, and Kern Lake. These do not necessarily cause a problem for hikers, i.e. barriers to climb over, as the … Continue reading

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Trail Conditions

  Backcountry Horsemen and Forest Service cross cut several downed trees within the Golden Trout Wilderness this past week. The trails cleared include: Clicks Creek (32E11), Fish Creek Trail from Grey Meadow to Fish Creek (32E12), Burnt Corral Meadow Trail … Continue reading

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Tree Down! Now What?

After every fall to spring season, there are going to be trees down on the trail. Some may have fallen due to beetle kill, past fires, or wind-blown. Whatever the case may be, please let us know when you are out on … Continue reading

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