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Trail Report: A Loop from Jerkey Meadow

A trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness by Dan Hall reports on loop from Jerkey Meadow Trailhead. Included is a link of photos he took from his trip. Here is what he found while on his journey into the wilderness. … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Little Kern River

User, known as hikerdude87, from the High Sierra Topix forums, went to check out the Little Kern River back in mid June. He took several photos of their trip, which can be seen in his original posting HERE. Below is his trip … Continue reading

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Trail/Trip Report: The Silver Lake Loop

Two users decided to do the Silver Lake Loop trip and did the optional route back through Mineral King. Here is what the report had to say: The trip began on July 20 and ended on July 24. We stopped into … Continue reading

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Proof that Your Trail Reports Matter

Remember this photo? A backpacker by the name of Scotty submitted a report indicating a down tree along trail 33E20. Thanks to that user members of the United Trail Maintainers of California came in to remove the down tree. Beth … Continue reading

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Trail Report Request

The Sierra Nevada and the State are in their fourth year of a drought, so it is even more important to share information about the wilderness. If you have been out recently or will this season, consider sharing what you … Continue reading

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Trail Report: 33E20

According to a hiker named Scotty, the trail that goes between Forks of the Kern TH and Kern Flat (33E20) contains one down tree on the Sequoia National Forest side of the wilderness. The location is across from the Rattlesnake … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Rincon Trail to Jordan Hot Springs

On March 29, 2015, a couple of users ventured out into the wilderness to check out Jordan Hot Springs. With roads still closed for the winter, they used the Rincon Trail and hiked about 12 miles to the wilderness boundary … Continue reading

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48 Hours at the Forks of the Kern

Another story has surfaced about a 48 hour trip down the Forks of the Kern River trailhead back in November. Check out the photos and story as one user experiences this trail and adventure for the first time. Story -> … Continue reading

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Trail Report: Summit Trailhead to Maggie Lakes

Selena Jong did the Maggie Lakes trip from the Summit Trailhead. The trip was from September 5 to 7, 2014. Here is what Selena had to say about her adventure out to Maggie Lakes. Trail is dusty and lots of … Continue reading

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Trail Report: Summit, Mountaineer, Fish Creek, and Clicks Creek Trails

Over the 4th of July an individual by the alias of HorsePoor4Ever decided to do a nice loop through the Sequoia National Forest’s side of the Golden Trout Wilderness on horseback. The user went along the Summit Trail (31E14), then down … Continue reading

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