Many trails travel near or through meadows. They provide great habitat for wildlife and plant species. The Golden Trout Wilderness has a good amount of meadows to discover. If you ever wanted to track how many meadows you have seen, then the list below should help you. Unnamed meadows or “stringer” meadows are not included on the list below. USGS maps were used to derive the names and complete the list.

The challenge is simple. Cross out all the meadows you have seen and try to visit ones you haven’t. Some meadows do not have trails to them any longer and require cross country travel. You will likely travel to remote spots within the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Name Elevation Forest
Sidehill Meadow 8000 INF
Cold Meadows 9100 INF
Bear Meadow 9800 INF
Volcano Meadow 8700 INF
Groundhog Meadow 8600 INF
Little Whitney Meadow 8440 INF
Salt Lick Meadow 8720 INF
Big Whitney Meadow 9680 INF
Stokes Stringer 9840 INF
South Fork Meadow 9480 INF
McConnel Meadow 9360 INF
Tunnel Meadow 8960 INF
Ramshaw Meadows 8640 INF
Templeton Meadow 8600 INF
Redrock Meadows 8720 INF
Beer Keg Meadow 8800 INF
Dry Meadow 8600 INF
Casa Vieja Meadows 8360 INF
Big Dry Meadow 8720 INF
Schaeffer Meadow 8560 INF
Fat Cow Meadow 8600 INF
Strawberry Meadows 8520 INF
Freckles Meadow 9120 INF
Overholster Meadow 9120 INF
Mulkey Meadows 9320 INF
Bullfrog Meadow 9400 INF
Poison Meadow 10680 INF
Horseshoe Meadow 10000 INF
Last Chance Meadow 9720 INF
Dutch Meadow 9880 INF
Bear Meadow 9600 INF
Ash Meadow 10100 INF
Grouse Meadow 9000 INF
Big Dry Meadow 8960 INF
Gomez Meadow 9000 INF
Bell Camp Meadow 8880 INF
Brown Meadow 8640 INF
Buck Meadow 9400 INF
Long Meadow 6800 SQF
Alpine Meadow 8400 SQF
Mowery Meadow 8130 SQF
Jacobsen Meadow 8360 SQF
Griswold Meadow 9800 SQF
Grey Meadow 6152 SQF
Burnt Corral Meadows 6200 SQF
Jerkey Meadow 6840 SQF
Round Meadow 6240 SQF
Table Meadow 6560 SQF
Lion Meadows 6620 SQF
Wet Meadows 9165 SQF
Willow Meadows 6360 SQF
Trout Meadows 6160 SQF
Doe Meadow 6000 SQF
Hockett Meadows 7520 SQF

Have you seen some of these meadows already? Did you grab a photo by chance? Consider sharing your photo and it could appear linked to the meadow name below. Panoramic photos are preferred for the larger meadows. Simply contact us to start the sharing process.

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