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There are several ways to enter the Golden Trout Wilderness and most of them will take you right to a trailhead. Others may require several miles of hiking before you get into the wilderness. Generally most roads are open for Memorial Day Weekend on an average snow year. Some years the roads are open earlier while other times later in the season. Please keep this in mind for “general” planning. Below is a list of roads and their current status for the season. These are kept up to date as often as possible. However, please call the appropriate Forest/Park prior to leaving on a trip to be sure by clicking HERE (scroll to bottom of page).

Road Open and Closures – Updated on 6/19/2021

Inyo National Forest

  • Road 16S02 to Horseshoe Meadow – OPEN
  • 9 Mile Canyon Road to Kennedy MeadowsOPEN

Mountain Home State Forest – Balch Park

  • Bear Creek Road to Long Meadow Trailhead – OPEN
  • Balch Park Road to Long Meadow TrailheadOPEN

Sequoia National Forest

  • North Road, 21S50, to Summit Trail – CLOSED
  • North Road, 21S50, to Clicks Creek Trail – CLOSED
  • North Road, 21S50, to Lewis Camp Trail – CLOSED
  • Lloyd Meadow Road, 21S82, to Jerky Meadow Trailhead – CLOSED
  • Road 20S67 to Forks of the Kern Trailhead – CLOSED
  • Sherman Pass Road, 22S05, to Blackrock Trailhead – OPEN
  • Sherman Pass Road, 22S05, to Kennedy Meadows – OPEN

Sequoia National Park – Mineral King

  • Mineral King RoadOPEN

Agency Websites for Latest Road Information

Sometimes we post the latest road information before an agency can. Other times they post faster then us. Here are some links directly to the appropriate agency’s website regarding road access information. It is recommended that you call their office prior to your trip to double check.

Inyo National Forest – Mt. Whitney Ranger District

Sequoia National Forest – Kern River and Western Divide (click link, info in left tab)

Sequoia National Park – Mineral King Road

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