Golden Trout Camp

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Golden Trout Camp is a historical group of cabins located near boundary of the John Muir Wilderness. Most people hike this trail to access Cottonwood Lakes. Hiking this day trip will provide views of meadows and Cottonwood Creek. If you are interested or want to see what Golden Trout Camp has to offer, check out their site, Golden Trout Wilderness Schools, for more information.

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Start your hike near the upper parking area in Horseshoe Meadow. The trailhead is called Cottonwood Lakes and you’ll proceed west for about half a mile. The trail crosses over South Fork Cottonwood Creek approximately 1.25 miles from where you started. Once across the creek, continue east (straight) at the trail junction. Shortly after the trail turns north and gently drops down near Cottonwood Creek. Trekking along the western side of the drainage, meadows will come into view to the east.

Hike approximately 1.75 miles and, just prior to the John Muir Wilderness boundary, a meadow will be to the east. Across the meadow is Golden Trout Camp. Check it out and then make your way back to the trailhead.

2 Responses to Golden Trout Camp

  1. BOb BIngham says:

    Are there any backpack sites along the way? We have kids and a short easy hike would be great.

    • Joshua says:

      You can disperse camp along the way. No “official” camp sites that I am aware of. Maybe other users have an idea?

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