Peak Bagging

Peak bagging (also hill bagging, mountain bagging, Munro bagging, or just bagging) is an activity in which hillwalkers and mountaineers attempt to reach the summit of some collection of peaks, usually those above some height in a particular region, or having a particular feature. –Wikipedia

Does this sound like what you are wanting to do? If so, the Golden Trout Wilderness contains 27 named mountains, peaks, and points. Very few have trails to the actual mountain top, so this is not for everyone. Names and elevations were derived from the Tom Harrison map for the Golden Trout Wilderness.

If you plan on summiting these known locations, consider taking a panoramic photo (180 or 360 view). Send it in an email to the site and it will be linked to the peak for others to see. Below is the list of known mountains, peaks, and points within the Golden Trout Wilderness. The approximate elevation has been provided along with which side of the wilderness they exist within.

Mountain / Peak Elevation Forest
Angora Mountain 10,198 SQF
Castle Rock 7,729 SQF
Coyote Peaks 10,892 SQF
Florence Peak 12,432 SQF
Hockett Peak 8,552 SQF
Maggie Mountain 10,042 SQF
Moses Mountain 9,331 SQF
Neva Point 8,640 SQF
Quinn Peak 10,178 SQF
Sheep Mountain 10,060 SQF
Vandever Mountain 11,947 SQF
White Mountain 8,720 SQF
Blackrock Mountain 9,635 INF
Brown Mountain 9,981 INF
Cirque Peak 12,900 INF
Johnson Peak 11,371 INF
Kern Peak 11,510 INF
Muah Mountain 11,016 INF
Olancha Peak 12,123 INF
Overlook Mountain 10,236 INF
Red Hill 9,469 INF
Templeton Mountain 9,975 INF
Three Rocks 10,655 INF
Timosea Peak 8,664 INF
Tower Rock 8,480 INF
Trail Peak 11,605 INF
Wonoga Peak 10,371 INF


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