Knowing the weather the day of your departure can be a critical piece of information. With a lot of weather services and websites, it may be difficult to determine which one is the most accurate. is the recommended website. It is hosted by the National Weather Service based out of Handford. To speed things up, click on the link below and it will provide you with a 7-day forecast based for an elevation within the Sequoia or Inyo’s side of the Golden Trout Wilderness. You can easily adjust to where you want to go by clicking the map within any of the links below, excluding the first.

General Weather for Tulare County Mountains (both Inyo and Sequoia)

Sequoia National Forest – 6,000 feet

Sequoia National Forest – 8,000 feet

Sequoia National Forest – 10,000 feet

Inyo National Forest – 6,000 feet

Inyo National Forest – 8,000 feet

Inyo National Forest – 10,000 feet

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