Prior to starting a trip one needs to have a map. Trips listed on our website have or will have maps with them. However, one may wish to explore on their own or take alternate routes to the final destination. Whatever it may be here are some resources to help plan that great trip!

There are two categories for the maps. The first is regarding current maps. Here you can download the latest and greatest recreation maps as well as the option to purchase them. The second category is for historical maps. These maps may no longer be accurate and would be used for historical and informational purposes. One can see the “evolution” of the trail system with addition, subtraction, and use changes as far back as 1907!

Current Maps (Purchase)

Tom Harrison’s Golden Trout Wilderness Map (Waterproof and Tear-Resistant)

Calico Maps – Southern Sierra Trail Map (Waterproof, Tear-Resistant, light weight, & coverage for entire GTW, Domeland Wilderness, Sequoia NF, and more!)

The Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Topo Map (covers recreation beyond the wilderness too)

Current Maps (Free)

Golden Trout Wilderness Trails for Google Earth (KMZ) – Sequoia NFInyo NFAll

Golden Trout Wilderness Full HQ Topo and Geo-referenced – PDF (100 MB)

Sierra Nevada Wilderness Boundaries for Google Earth – (KMZ)

Mountain Home State Demonstration Forest – Park Map (PDF)

US Forest Service Topography Maps by USGS Quad 1:24,000 scale – PDFs and TIFF files (Geo Referenced) 2014

USGS Topo View – Current and historical maps at all scales from 1880 to present – PDF, TIFF, JPG, and KMZ formats (All Geo Referenced).

G.E.L. Topographic Map Integration Instructions – PDF

CalTopo Maps – Create your own custom maps for free and print or export at georeferenced PDFs!

Historical Maps

USGS 1907 and 1909 Quad Map – Pre-GTW and Forest Service – ~4MB

USGS 1937 Kaweah 1:125000 Map – Western SQF Pre-GTW – ~6.5MB

USGS 1948 Fresno 1:250,000 – All Pre-GTW and part of California – ~4.5MB

USGS 1956 Quad Map – Pre-GTW w/Mineral King as Forest Service – ~7.6MB

Sequoia NF 1968 Recreation Map – Western Divide Ranger District Only – ~500KB

G.E.L. Historical Topographical Map Integration Instructions (PDF) – ~250KB

Mobile Maps

Supported by the US Forest Service, you can now download the free app to obtain Forest Service maps, USGS maps, aerial maps, and more. It is available for both Apple and Android devices and soon Windows. NOTE: Some maps are free and others are not. However, all links above stating “geo-referenced” are free and can be loaded into the app.

Apple iOS – By Avenza

Android – By Avenza

4 Responses to Maps

  1. Awesome! Thanks for your work.

  2. Joshua says:

    Deleted the CAL US topo map link today. It wasn’t as user friendly and the maps are no longer accurate when compared to the US Forest Service Topography map link. Now there is accessed to Geo-referenced TOPO maps in PDF and TIFF form! Great for smartphone users using Avenza App.

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