Planning a trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness? Have a few questions on your mind? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Q: Is there a quota for entering the Golden Trout Wilderness?
A: Yes and no. There is no quota for the Sequoia National Forest side. However, there are quotas for portions of the Inyo National Forest and Sequoia National Park. Click HERE for more information.

Q: Do I need a wilderness permit and how much does it cost?
A: You do need a wilderness permit for overnight trips and price varies depending on how one plans to enter the wilderness. Click HERE for more information.

Q: How do I obtain a camp fire permit?
A: You can pick up a camp fire permit locally at a ranger station or print one online. Click HERE for getting a permit online.

Q: When creating these trips, what are the assumptions? For example, what is the average pace considered? Is the mileage one way or round trip?
A: Trips are designed for an average pace of 1.5 to 2.0 mph. However, this may actually vary depending on terrain, elevation, backpack weight, and/or fitness level of the individual(s) taking the trip. If you are unsure of your pace, put on a backpack and do a day hike. Another way is to use a treadmill and put on your backpack. Try a mile or two at a pace comfortable to you. Regarding the mileage, it  is assumed one way unless otherwise stated.

Q: I noticed some of the destinations listed can be approached from several different trailheads. Why are only one or two ways listed?
A: The trips are generally planned using the shortest route possible. However, some trips may not take the shortest route due to water source issues, travel time to the trailhead, or trail use/conditions.

Q: Is there a wilderness code of ethics?
A: Yes. As with any wilderness area there is a code of ethics to follow. One of those is the “leave no trace” policy. Download it HERE. Otherwise the Golden Trout Wilderness follows the 1964 Wilderness Act rules and regulations.

Q: Is a bear canister required for a trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness?
A: Yes a bear canister is required on a portion of the Inyo National Forest’s portion of the wilderness. It is not required on the Sequoia National Forest portion. More information can be read HERE.

Q: Are there limits to where I can have a camp fire?
A: Only two areas exclude camp fire use. They are on the Inyo National Forest’s side of the wilderness. Camp fire use is not permitted at Chicken Spring Lake and Rocky Basin Lakes. However, check with the Sequoia National Forest or Inyo National Forest prior to leaving. Sometimes wildfires, weather, and/or drought conditions create additional limits on camp fire use.

Q: I noticed your “red” highlighted routes don’t always match up with the black dash lines on the maps. Why is that?
A: The black dash lines are the original surveyed trails when the USGS did the topo maps. The “red” highlighted route is the current location of the actual trail based on data received from the USDA Forest Service.

Q: I would like to submit a video of my trip. How do I go about doing so?
A: Simply upload it to a video sharing site, like YouTube, and email the link. Other rules are no foul language used in your film is allowed. Videos need to be appropriate for all audiences. Otherwise they will not be shared here on the site.

Q: I would like to share a trip/water report. How do I go about doing so?
A: Simply click on the “Submit...” link to the left of the “Contact Us” tab and follow the on screen instructions. If you have photos to go with them, email goldentroutwilderness@gmail.com with your trip report and photos attached. All photos will be credited with your name.

Q: There are a lot of offices on the Forest and Park. Who do I call about trail conditions, permits, road access, and other information about the Golden Trout Wilderness?
A: Trail conditions will be posted on the main page of the site when possible. You may want to use the search feature on the main page to find the latest information regarding trails. Road information can be found on the Road Access portion of the site. Trail conditions, road access, and other information may also be obtained by calling the appropriate office.

Depending on where the trail begins will determine which office to call. Here are the phone numbers for each office. Office hours are typically 8AM to 430PM, Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays. Please visit their individual webpages for more info by clicking on the bold text below.

Inyo National Forest

Mt. Whitney Ranger District @ 760-876-6200
Wilderness Permit Office Information @ (760) 873-2485
Wilderness Permit Office Reservation Line @ (760) 873-2483

Sequoia National Forest

Supervisor Office @ 559-784-1500
Kern River Ranger District in Kernville @ 760-376-3781
Kern River Ranger District in Lake Isabella @ 760-379-5646
Western Divide Ranger District @ 559-539-2607

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks @ 559-565-3766

Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest

(559) 539-2321 summer
(559) 539-2855 winter

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