Long Meadow Trail Accessible!

Just heard word from a voice message at Mountain Home stating Shake Camp is open! This means users can drive to Shake Camp and begin hiking on the Long Meadow Trail. The Long Meadow Trail provides access to popular areas like Summit Lake in the Sequoia National Park (7.6 miles one way) and the western most portions of the Golden Trout Wilderness. Maggie Lakes is a popular destination and currently the only way to get there is going to Shake Camp.

Make sure to look at the “alternative” route if you want to go to Maggie Lakes. It is approximately 11 miles one way and the start of the trip begins in Shake Camp. As the warm days continue, expect the North Road and Sherman Pass Road to finally open up. To see all the roads that are open, make sure to head to the Preparation section and then Access – Roads page.

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4 Responses to Long Meadow Trail Accessible!

  1. Brook Tree says:

    We were at Shake Camp today. It is open, however, it is not possible to get to Summit or Maggie. After two miles, you come to a raging river that is impossible to cross. There is absolutely no way to cross safely. We hiked up and down along the river for an hour. The river is too high and moving too fast. We hiked over to Hidden Falls as well. The campground is closed due to the river running to fast and high. We were unable to cross the river to hike the trail.

  2. Brook Tree says:

    You’re welcome!☺️

  3. Alice says:

    Another way to get to Maggie Lakes is via the Jacobsen Trail. A lot of elevation gain, though, and you need to cross a fork of the Tule – not sure what it looks like right now, but it might be better than the Shake Camp crossing.

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