One Road, One Way

The snow pack has been great this year, but it has definitely pushed back the date for people’s plans to enter portion so the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Golden Trout Wilderness portion of the Sierra Nevada is no exception. This holiday weekend there will only be one road open.

The Lloyd Meadow Road that goes north of Johnsondale is the only road open and providing access to a trailhead leading into the wilderness (Jerkey Meadow Trailhead). All other trailheads remain behind locked gates and/or snow. Here is the current information as we approach Memorial Day weekend.

Sequoia National Forest

  • North Road (21S50) – Closed due to large snow banks a mile in and beyond. This also includes access to the Golden Trout Pack Station and Lewis Camp TH.
  • Lloyd Meadow Road (21S82) – Open
  • Road 20S67 to Forks of the Kern – Closed
  • Sherman Pass Road (22S05) to Black Rock TH – Closed. There MAY be access to Black Rock Visitor Center on Sunday over Memorial Day weekend. However, access to the Black Rock TH is further north and will be closed.

Inyo National Forest

  • Horseshoe Meadow Road – Closed

Sequoia National Park

Mountain Home State Forest

  • Bear Creek Road – Opened only to Balch Park. Roads from there to Shake Camp are closed, which is a big attractant for those wanting to use the Long Meadow Trail up to Summit Lake.

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