Sequoia NF Closes Trails within Golden Trout Wilderness

On February 16, 2021, a Forest Order went into effect closing many of the roads and trails within the Castle Fire (part of the SQF Complex). This order carries out through the end of December, 2021. As seen in the photo above, this impacts many popular entry points into the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Sequoia National Forest such as the Summit Trail from the North Road, Jacobsen Meadow Trail, Long Meadow Trailhead, Lewis Camp Trailhead, Clicks Creek Trailhead, Jerkey Meadows Trailhead, and the Forks of the Kern. Roads leading to many of these trailheads are closed as well. Users wanting to go into the western portion of the GTW will need to find other means of doing so.

Read the full Forest Closure Order HERE.


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6 Responses to Sequoia NF Closes Trails within Golden Trout Wilderness

  1. Doug Goodman says:

    Is it due to road construction/forestry work? I skimmed the link but didn’t see the rationale, so I’m just curious.

    • Joshua says:

      From their homepage -> “For the health and welfare of our Forest visitors and staff, Sequoia National Forest Supervisor Teresa Benson announces Forest Orders No. 0513-21-06 and 0513-21-08 prohibiting overnight camping at Day Use areas on public lands managed by the Forest. In addition the the Closure Order has been extended for areas most impacted by the Castle Fire.”

  2. Richard Long says:

    They cause these massive fires by mismanaging the forests, then punish the public by closing our lands. Figures…..

  3. Tony Kurlander says:

    That’s a huge area. My heart will be in my throat when I visit Willow Meadow and Horse Bridge to see what’s left, whenever. First traveled through that area in 1977, via Farewell Gap.

  4. Jon says:

    Any idea if this would include access through the Blackrock trailhead area? I checked the map and can’t quite tell if it includes Blackrock and the trail down to casa vieja meadow?

  5. Richard U Long says:

    Anyone have info on whether they are going to open the Sherman Pass road this year? will there be access to the Blackrock area from the east side if the west side is closed?

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