Trail Report: Summit Trailhead to Maggie Lakes


Selena Jong did the Maggie Lakes trip from the Summit Trailhead. The trip was from September 5 to 7, 2014. Here is what Selena had to say about her adventure out to Maggie Lakes.

Trail is dusty and lots of loose rock otherwise well maintained. One fallen tree halfway into the trail has not been cleared yet. Easy to maneuver over it. All sources of water from Summit Trail Head to Maggie lakes is dry except for the first little trickle near the trail head (15 mins in) otherwise plan on bringing water for the entire 9 mile trek to Maggie Lakes. Temperature is moderate in the mid 70’s to lower 80’s during the day and dropping to low 50’s in evenings.

Coyotes heard howling at Maggie Lakes camp off in the distance.

Thanks Selena for the update! If anyone has been out in the wilderness recently, please consider sharing your trip info about the trails and water sources like Selena did. It proves to be so valuable to others, especially in these drought conditions. Thanks all!

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2 Responses to Trail Report: Summit Trailhead to Maggie Lakes

  1. Alex M says:

    AWESOME! Thanks for the report I was going to go in late July but had to cancel as all party members had something come up. Any chance on a water level report for the lakes?

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