Trail Report Request


The Sierra Nevada and the State are in their fourth year of a drought, so it is even more important to share information about the wilderness. If you have been out recently or will this season, consider sharing what you find regarding trail and water conditions. Not only will it help others plan their trips, but the information is passed off the US Forest Service. They may be able to get their volunteer groups or staff to fix the trail (i.e. removing a down tree, tread work) as well as inform the public are water sources.

When submitting a trail report, it doesn’t have to be long. You can simply state a few sentences. For example, “we took a trip to Maggie Lakes this weekend. It was a beautiful trail, but there were about 3 down trees. Water was only found at the lakes.” It could also be longer, have more details, and possibly contain photos. Any information you share will be posted here for others.

Please seriously consider sharing your info and submit it under the “Contact Us” section or via our Facebook page.

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